Retail Furniture & Objects for ONS Clothing/Tang Kawasaki Studio

Retail Furniture & Objects for ONS Clothing/Tang Kawasaki Studio


Jason Tang and Maki Kawasaki established tang kawasaki studio in New York in 2001. The studio pursues projects including residential, commercial, educational and furniture design. Their design approach is not dogmatic in nature. The creation of beautiful spaces through the manipulation of thoughtfully considered materials in light and shadow can be a fundamentally reductive process. Their work is rooted in the dialogue between restoration (as excavation) and installation (as sculpture) which can inspire users to reach a better understanding of comfort, luxury and consumption in the present age.

The Project

Tang Kawasaki Studio approached us with the opportunity to create custom cash wraps and other retail furniture objects for the new flagship ONS Clothing Retail Store in Soho. The team came to us with a vision they had for a block of color that could contrast with the floor - both in texture and general material. Once ONS Clothing & Tang Kawasaki Studio understood our capabilities and what could be done with resin, they designed the cash wraps using our 'Scale' technique which worked perfectly. The result is a captivating piece that contrasts beautifully with the rest of its surroundings.

The Challenges

This project required more woodworking at a larger scale than most of our usual projects. Because of the design desired, we had to figure out a way in which to make the wood elements really emerge from the resin core. 


The Result

One of the most unique aspects about this project was that ONS Clothing & Tang Kawasaki Studio were able to learn what our capabilities were and took our in-house developed techniques and used them to their advantage. It was really inspiring to see what they were able to come up with and we welcome this challenge from other firms.