Custom Spectra Benches for VOLTA NY / The Armory Show 2019

VOLTA Art Fair fosters galleries in staging ambitious solo and group presentations, refining the experience to its essential elements: the artists and their work. This focus on compelling visual statements by up-and-coming and established artists cultivates a vibrant and approachable environment of discovery for the engaged collector.

The Armory Show is a galvanizing force in the art world and essential to New York’s cultural landscape. At the core, The Armory Show is dedicated to ensuring galleries and New York’s art community continue to thrive. It paves the way for its success and strives to be a platform in which it is easier to buy, sell and discover art.

The Project

When we were approached to work on this project, this Spectra project was originally going to be used as benches for the guest speakers attending VOLTA. We were pleasantly surprised when it ended up being used in front of the VIP Lounge at the Armory Show. 

Our team really wanted to create something that spoke to the art community in New York. Employing the use of opposing binary colors and emphasizing the spectrum that exists between those colors brought Spectra to life. 


The Challenges

Not a lot of intricacy goes into creating a bench. Because we needed numerous products we wanted to create objects that were as simple as possible while keeping in mind that these were going to be used for commercial use. We were able to take a black plinth and design the resin portion of Spectra almost as a sculptural slab atop it. 


The Results

From the results, we were proud of what was accomplished. Not only is the gradient running across 8 pieces, seeing it in such a large space made it very eye-catching.