Custom Resin Table for Private Client - New York, NY

Custom Resin Table for Private Client - New York, NY 

Facture is a multidisciplinary art & design studio experimenting with light & transparency. Functioning as one big art experiment, a mixture of remarkable chaos & calculated precision drive the company’s creative process. Facture Studio's work centers around using resin to explore the perceptual qualities of light, color, and depth through suspending color over forms. In other words, the resin is a pigmented coating on top of a solid object, rather than a block of solid resin (both are common).


The Project

The Client asked for a table that could be used as the dining room table in her home as well as a center for her family to gather around. We knew we wanted to make this an eye-catching piece that was durable yet elegant. The design of this Amnity Dining Table might cause one to look over the project as merely simple, but extra detail and attention was put to matching the desired color and ensuring the table had enough stability to withstand a lot of family movement. 


The Challenges

Believe it or not, this was the first time our team used a thin amount of opaque resin on a project, along with a double locking bolt system (for durability). Using both of these newer techniques actually worked out quite well and it allowed us the opportunity to become familiar with these new processes. Now we are able to use those same processes on future projects of similar design. 


The Results

The Amnity Dining table gives off a greyish-blue hue. The underlying blue tone gives an almost glowy and radiate feel. Although the table is completely opaque, the ambient lighting surrounding it will cause it to change hue. This is why sometimes you will see more grey while others you notice more blue. It is these types of projects that make us enjoy creating new things for clients each and every day.