Custom Resin Coffee Table for Mauricio Del Valle Design Inc.

Custom Resin Coffee Table for Mauricio Del Valle Design Inc.

Mauricio Del Valle Design Inc. was founded in 2010 and it is a company that specializes in high-end landscape, interior and architectural design. The projects taken on by Mauricio Del Valle Design range from single-family homes, apartments, multifamily properties, commercial sites to rural estates. Every project comes with a specific set of site and budgetary conditions that, together with the client’s needs and likes, have to be addressed in unique and creative ways in order to provide the right aesthetic, functional and building solutions.


The Project

When Mauricio Del Valle Design Inc. came to us, he had a very specific design in mind and we were able to use our ability to create blended colors to have the Regalia Coffee Table match other elements in the design while keeping the piece’s form true to their original design.




The Challenges

What made this project so complex was carving a hole in the center of this piece. This element was certainly not easy as it created a ton of custom molding and finishing challenges for us. In addition, due to the nature of this project, it required extreme attention to detail and process in order to produce the desired look. 


The Results

But in the end, we were very glad the project was a success and it was very rewarding for the entire studio to see such a color gradient happen within an enclosed shape as we pushed our blending techniques farther than ever before on this project.